Connect to the Hidden Mystery

I want my art to help reveal the spiritual beauty hidden just beneath the surface of our material world, so that when you look at my paintings, even if you're sitting at your desk at work, you are reminded of just how awe-inspiring and wonderfully mysterious the natural world can be--and that we are part of that too.

My landscape paintings focus on uncovering the natural world’s hidden mystical aspects. In my abstract paintings, I try to bring out the beauty of planetary energies or particular deities. I feel like abstraction is a more inclusive way to depict the spirit world--less baggage--and that color and line help with an understanding of magical energies. 

Painting not only emphasizes what is beautiful in my experience of the world, but allows me to pull out and examine my own hidden depths. Making art helps me find more unity between my self and the world and acts as a magical or spiritual tool to connect me to the spirits and to the divine. But even if painting had no spiritual or magical point, I would do it for the sheer joy of color and line. 

I studied painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the early seventies, but life happened and I had to drop out. I kept doing art for myself, but not in any professional way. After working in watercolors and colored pencil for decades, I switched to acrylics because of the number of glazes that this medium allows me to employ. Multiple acrylic glazes help me create depth and glow in my paintings and facilitate a deep richness of color that I could not attain with watercolors.

I have original paintings and prints available for all the works on this site. I am open to doing commissions related to spiritual, esoteric, or magical concepts. You can contact me at

"Sunwheel" and "Spirit of Rose Moon" in Art League Rhode Island Associate Members Exhibition, May 6-June 24, 2017
"Chthonia" in "Abstracts," March 2016, Light Space Time Gallery.
"Nightfall" and "Moon Over Water" in "Skies," March 2016, Colors of Humanity Gallery.