The Blasted Tree Landscape Painting - SOLD

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This painting was inspired by a photo I took of a cemetery tree that had been blasted by lightning. The tree's core was exposed and had a lot of nooks and crannies. I decided to use blue as the color of that core (peat brown in "reality") because it's the color usually associated with electricity. I painted the bark in a combination of violet and light blue for the bark, pale orange for lichen, and green for moss and algae. I used a different sort of brushwork in this painting to emphasize the barkiness of the bark--much more of an Impressionist style in that way--but I also used the pattern of crevices and holes that I often include in my paintings to depict the blasted center. One thing about such trees--they might seem dead, but usually they send up new growth from the roots. 

The original oil painting is 16 x 20"/41 x 51cm on cotton canvas with a traditional 7/8" profile. 

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