The Black Tower Landscape Painting

$ 650.00

This landscape painting morphed a good deal as I worked on it, starting with a simple lake view, sprouting an island with a building on it, and finally growing a huge cliff that obliterated that island and began to give off the pale light of its hidden energy. This is one of those paintings that although it does not contain any overtly surreal imagery, like a man with an apple over his face, came about through the use of the Surreal technique of automatism, or as I refer to it for my own work, "allowing it to arise." This forbidding cliff, surrounded by mist or steam, releases bright light into the gloomy sky. This light represents the not usually visible energy of this landmass, which is composed not just of rock and dirt but of spirit. I consider one of my jobs as an artist to bring out that hidden spirit energy.  

The original painting is oil on canvas, 24 x 24"/61 x 61cm with a traditional 3/4"/2cm profile and is ready to frame; right now it is on exhibit and so is not available.. 

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