Moon over Water

$ 35.00

I love the Moon and enjoy painting water, so I combined them in this landscape painting. Also, I became interested in Tonalism a while ago and wanted to try their approach, especially using time of day (like dawn or after sunset) to obliterate a lot of detail. This painting was exhibited in the March 2016 show, "Skies" at the Colors of Humanity Gallery. 

This painting is also where I began experimenting with using titanium for mixing. It works well with yellow to make a pale yellow mist. I found through this painting that the best blue for me for water is ultramarine blue. Indanthrone blue is too green and Payne's grey is too grey. I don't use cobalt blue for toxicity reasons, and phthalocyanine blue works better for me as a glaze or mixer. I experimented with titanium white as a glaze here and like the results. It helped blend the water and the sky together at the horizon. The yellow is nickel azo yellow, a very powerful pigment that I ratcheted down with titanium.

The giclee prints are on 100% cotton archival fine art paper, color-matched to the original by the artist, and signed on the back.  

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