Medusa Industrial Landscape Painting

$ 350.00

In the ancient Greek myth, Medusa was among the pre-Olympians, the very oldest immortals/gods. This group of beings has always interested me much more than the more familiar Olympians do because they exude a primal power that outstrips the often silly soap opera lives of the Olympians. Also, I feel they provide a link to our ancient ancestors. Medusa's face was so hideous that it turned onlookers to stone; maybe this is why her image was traditionally used to keep away evil (and even features on the goddess Athena's shield). I chose to fashion my image of Medusa based on abandoned industrial sites. In such site, part of me sees a metaphor for powers we have left behind, including the old gods (another part of me sees these sites as evidence of how nature will always triumph in the end, and I think that is why I keep returning to them). Rust contains the same pigment that makes blood red: iron oxide, so here the orange rust of this industrial object represents the blood of Medusa, slain by Perseus in the myth. And yet She lives on. Everyone knows who Medusa is, but hardly anyone remembers Perseus. 

The original watercolor painting is 18 x 24"/46 x 61cm on 100% cotton archival paper. It is ready to frame and comes with free shipping in the US.

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