Twisting Crossroads: Hekate Abstract Art Prints

$ 25.00

This abstract landscape painting is the result of my continuing fascination with crossroads, which are such an important concept in witchcraft and paganism. Hekate, an ancient deity who, along with Hermes, arose before the Olympian gods familiar from Greek mythology, came to be known as the queen of the witches. Today she is still popular with practitioners of magic. Her colors are saffron and black, which I used here, adding some red and orange. I wanted to very much emphasize that crossroads deities are not straightforward like the deities of high places, so I created a twisting not only of the typical Y-crossroads associated with her but also a very twisting and dark surrounding landscape. This painting was very satisfying for me to do and I expect it to be the first in a series of crossroads paintings. 

Giclee prints that have been corrected for color and signed by the artist are available. The original small painting has been sold. 

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